Have you been dreaming of creating a professional book on your won- using friendly templates or by defining your own layouts? Well! Well! Here is the chance to make your dream come alive. Blurb allows you to create your own book using their friendly Booksmart software. This software has great features and it’s FREE to download. Want to get more information on how you can use this awesome software to create your own book and sell it online? Read on for more…

What exactly is Booksamrt software?

Booksmart software was developed by the online book publishing company- Blurb. It gives you the opportunity, as a great author, to create your book and give it a professional look using its cool features. The best thing about this software is that you can download it for free and use it offline to create a stunning yet professional publication. The software is available for Mac and PC.

What Are the Top Features of Booksmart Software?

Availability of a variety of templates

If you feel that you don’t have the time to create your own template, don’t worry! Booksmart provides you with a range of templates from which you can choose your favorite. Additionally, you can alter these templates to suit your circumstances.

Ability to Create Your Own Templates

So in your dream of creating your own publication you had a unique idea of how you’d like your book to appear? Right, this software gives you the chance to make your dream a reality by allowing you to create your own layouts. After creating them, you can easily save them and use them for your future publications. You can even add your photos as the background of every page in your layouts- Smile!

Ability to Work Online and Offline

Another remarkable feature of this software is the way it makes it easy for you to switch between online and offline working modes. Once you download the software from Blurb, you use it offline for creating your publication. After that, you can then switch into the online mode by publishing your book into the website for further enhancements and printing.

Ability to Import and Place Photos Accordingly

Your fears of having your favorites photos that you’d like very much to appear on your publication being locked out ends here. With Booksmart software, you can easily add photos to your book, customize them and even automate the same layout for other pages.

That`s it for Booksmart software from Blurb company. You don’t have to be a professional graphic designer in order to create your book’s layout. Simply visit Blurb.com and you’ll have the opportunity to put your words into a publication ready for selling!

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