It is 2017…what does the year holds for an avid whiskey drinker like you?


The past year saw new distilleries cropping up in the US and other parts of the world. Reputable brands introduced special releases and innovations that made consumers look forward to enjoying different types and taste of whiskies in 2017. Why not give your taste buds a treat of the best drams today? Finding the perfect scotch for you (and your drinking buddies) may not be easy – but we’ll make it easier for you. Below is a list.


Glen Grant 18 Year Old


Glen Grant 18 Year Old was awarded the Second Finest Whiskey in the World and Scotch Whiskey of the Year in Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible 2017. This solid, single malt whiskey, introduced in 2016, gives a long, sweet finish with suggestions of spice and nuts. As you nose it, you will immediately notice its rich and floral aroma, with a hint of oak and baking spices. The taste of Glen Grant 18 Year Old on your palate suggests malty caramel, vanilla and dried raisins. Its bright golden color is the result of the use of highest quality and carefully handpicked oak casks.


Glen Alba 22 Year Old


Glen Alba 22 Year Old is the recipient of the World Whiskies Awards’ Best Blended Limited Release Whiskey of the World. Charles MacLean, a leading expert in whiskey, stated that this scotch is “remarkably good” because of its “rich aroma” and “dry overall” finish, with a hint of white pepper. It reached store shelves in November 2015 and was a part of Lidl’s Christmas collection.


The nose opens up with a soft brown sugar and spice aroma, along with a slight bunch of herbs. The taste of whiskey to your palate indicates its warm and richness. Being a premium whiskey, Glen Alba Year Old Sherry Cask Finish Blended gave Johnnie Walker a tough competition as it retails Blue Label Limited Release for £149.99, compared to its price of £29.99.



Tomatin 12 Year Old


The author of Edinburgh Whisky Blog, Jason Thomson, chose Tomatin 12 Year Old when asked about his vote for the 10 of the Best Scotch Whiskies. He said that Tomatin has successfully earned the attention of whiskey drinks around the globe because of its improved packaging and, more important, fresh, light spirit.


Tomatin 12 Year Old received 91.5 rating from Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible 2016. In the beginning, you’ll be greeted with a rich, fruity aroma then your palate will get to enjoy the sweet taste of pears and ripe apples with a trace of nut. After tasting, you will feel that long, pleasantly oily finish.


Tomatin 12 Year Highland Single Malt Scotch Whiskey is estimated at £35.


Laphroaig Quarter Cask


With Laphroaig Quarter Cask, you’ll get twice the pleasure because of the mouth-watering doubling of flavor it offers. This is the result of the double maturation in two barrels that are made of American oak. While the scotch is still maturing from the typical ex-bourbon barrels, it is then moved to quarter casks and left to remain for a certain amount of time. Laphroaig’s use of quarter casks gives life to an old tradition of processing whiskies and therefore generates a soft and velvety rim. Caramel and toffee are apparent on the nose because of the presence of tannins and vanillas of the American oak. You will also feel the dryness caused by the wood oil. At the finish, you’ll experience smoke and sweetness.


The list of best Scotch whiskies in 2017 has more but you can begin tasting these four and surely at the end, you will want to savor more. Cheers!