When it comes to adjustable beds, it doesn’t get much better than the beds offered by Craftmatic. They put everything they can into making the most comfortable and simple to use adjustable beds. Their beds, much like any adjustable bed, bring you the best in comfort to give you the best night’s sleep you can possibly have. They also relieve aches and pains and make your life just that little bit easier. Sleeping better gives you more energy throughout the day and improves your mood. There are enough health benefits associated with adjustable beds to make them worth the cost.

The Craftmatc I Is A Classical Adjustable Bed

The Craftmatic Model I is one of their classic designs. It comes highly recommended and was even voted the number one adjustable bed nationwide by Consumer affairs. It’s fully accredited by Consumer Affairs as well so you know you’re getting one of the best quality beds in the game. The Model I is available in numerous sizes and remains Craftmatic’s most popular bed.

The Craftmatic I is far from being just a bed. It also comes with one of the best mattresses in the business too. It’s firm on one side, and softer on the other. You get even more choice in comfort and, even though a lot of mattresses have this feature now, Craftmatic were one of the first to make such a mattress. The Craftmatic I also has a built in massage function and comes with it as standard. Enjoy a relaxing 30 minute massage that melts all the stress away, letting you sleep even easier at night.

Ultra-Quiet Motors

The whisper quiet motors are controlled via a wireless remote control that lets you move the head and foot sections of the bed into one of any 1001 perfect positions for relaxing. When you find that position that’s just right for you just add it to the remote as a pre-programmed position and enjoy it once more at the push of a button. The twin bed variety comes with a generous weight capacity of 450 pounds of lift but if you need a little more there is a heavy duty option that goes all the way up to 600 pounds.

You get piece of mind with the lifetime limited position changing mechanism warranty that covers you in case of a fault in the machinery of the bed. The mattress itself also comes with a limited warranty for 15 years, ensuring you get plenty of use out of both the bed and the mattress.

One Of The Best Budget-Friendly Adjustable Beds

The representatives at Craftmatic will work with you, your budget, and your needs, to provide you with the best bed possible. If you don’t like the sound of the dual mattress you can choose from different kinds of mattresses. Overall a lot of the choice rests in your hands and you get a lot of freedom. Craftmatic make some of the best beds around and they’ll work with you to give you the best bed possible. When you need one of the best adjustable beds around, you need Craftmatic.