Have you ever wondered why Asian women, especially Japanese and Korean women have such a beautiful skin that is silky smooth and looks like it was Photoshopped? Well, the truth is that they know how to use makeup like true professionals and at the same time, they also know when to apply it, how much to apply it and how to eat healthy in order to maintain their skin's youthful glow. 


Using phytoceramides for beautiful skin

No matter what other women in foreign countries may be using to have beautiful skin, you should know that you can now use the best phytoceramides supplements on the market in order to achieve the same results. Phytoceramides are basically derived from rice and because of that they are 100 percent natural and will not have you experience any side effects after using them. Better yet, these are made in the United States so you have the peace of mind you're getting quality anti aging supplements that contain the best possible ingredients out there. As for results, you can expect to see an improvement in the way your skin feels to the touch and wrinkles in as little as fifteen days. 


Phytessence Wakame Seaweed

Japanese people have a very healthy diet and one of the foods they eat that allows them to have beautiful skin is Wakame seaweed. This can be eaten both fresh and dried and the good news is that it's very rich in vitamin B which helps a lot with retaining moisture, soothing inflammation and overall reducing fine lines and flakiness of the skin. 

Scientists have also discovered that wakame has many antioxidants which fight against the damaging effects of the free radicals, therefore protecting your skin from premature aging and preventing the damage done to skin cells. Better yet, seaweed also inhibits a special enzyme known as hyaluronidase which breaks down the hyaluronic acid which is the most important substance that helps you have a plump and young looking skin.


Start hitting the gym 

You hear a lot of people who are trying to get in shape that by going to the gym, you can also improve the elasticity and texture of your skin. However, you need to make sure you don't overexert your body, since this may have undesirable effects on your overall health. As for how many times you need to go to the gym, well, you can choose to go 2-3 times a week and still have the peace of mind that you're going to reap some great benefits.